History of Bhangarh Fort a true horror story

History of Bhangarh Fort

As you must have heard many such haunted places, forts, havelis, etc. and you will never go to waste and leave it imaginary, but today we are going to talk about the fort of Bhangarh, which you mentioned about old books or Must have heard movies or through someone’s mouth. Friends, the fort of Bhangarh is a historical fort as well as a beautiful place and a haunted fort and its story is also true that you will know by reading this.

Bhangarh Fort History And Story: Bhangarh Fort is situated into the Alwar region of Rajasthan (Rajsthan). Situated in Jaipur and Delhi course, this fortress is situated toward one side of Sariska National Park. 

The stronghold of Bhangarh is celebrated for its history of ruin and baffling occasions. It is included among the most startling spots in India. Indeed, even the Archeological Department has given an admonition with respect to not entering the post after dawn and nightfall. 

Subsequent to being worked in 1583, the post of Bhangarh stayed occupied for almost 300 years. It crumbled after that. There are numerous accounts behind its destruction and devastation, which are described by the individuals here. 

Bhangarh Fort History 

Bhangarh Fort was worked by Maharaja Bhagwantdas of Amer in 1583. This fortress stayed possessed for about 300 years before being devastated. 

Maharaj Bhagwantdas’ lesser child was Mansingh, who was remembered for the Navratnas of Mughal ruler Akbar. His sibling Madho Singh made this fortress his habitation in 1813. 

They had three children – Sujan Singh, Chhatra Singh, and Tej Singh. After the passing of Madhosingh, Chhatra Singh got the privilege of the fortification of Bhangarh. Chhatrasinh’s child was Ajab Singh. 

Ajab Singh didn’t make Bhangarh his home. He settled Ajabgarh close by and remained there. His two children Kabil Singh and Jaswant Singh additionally remained in Ajabgarh, while the third child Harisingh turned into the leader of Bhangarh in 1622. 

Harisingh’s two children were counterparts of Mughal sovereign Aurangzeb. Affected by Aurangzeb, the two embraced the Muslim religion. After transformation, he was named Mohammed Quiz and Mohammad Dahlia. Aurangzeb depended on the duty of Bhangarh to these two. After the standard of Aurangzeb, the Mughals debilitated, at that point, King Sawai Jai Singh caught Mohammad Quiz and Mohammad Dahliz and caught Bhangarh. 

Story of the destruction of Bhangarh 

Story of Yogi Balunath’s revile – According to the story, where the stronghold of Bhangarh was built, the spot was the spot of yogi Balunath. He offered consent to Maharaja Bhagwant Das to assemble the Bhangarh Fort with the guarantee that the shadow of the post ought not to fall on his tapastha at any expense. 

Maharaja Bhagwantdas stayed faithful to his obligation, however, his relative Madhosinh resisted this guarantee and began building the upper floors of the post. Because of the development of the upper floors, the post of Bhangarh fell on Yogi Balunath’s penance. When this occurred, Yogi Balunath reviled out of resentment that this fortification would not stay occupied. The stronghold fallen affected by his revile.

Story of Princess Ratnavati and Tantric Sindhu Sevada – Friends, if we talk about this story, then according to this story, Princess Ratnavati, who was the princess of Bhangarh, was very beautiful.

This beauty of her was discussed in Bhangarh and also in the surrounding areas. Even many princes were very keen to marry Princess Ratnavati.

Horror Story of Bhangarh

There was a tantric named Sindhu Sevada in the kingdom of Princess Ratnavati and he was very expert in art magic. One morning when he saw Princess Ratnavati, he was just mad and he was ready to do anything to get Princess Ratnavati. One day Princess Ratnavati’s maid went to the market to get oil for the princess and this did not digest the tantric, by using her black magic, she made a captivating spell in the oil so that if the princess used that oil in her hair, she would immediately She would fall under the control of that black magician. When Princess Ratnavati came to know about this, the princess threw the oil on some parts of her floor, for some time, the part of the floor came out of it and started going towards that tantric, seeing that the tantric saw his death. And that Tantrik cursed Bhangarh that this Bhangarh will slowly perish and its residents will die here and their soul will continue to wander in this Bhangarh, saying that he died

It did not even happen for a few days that suddenly there was a big war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, in which every victory of Bhangarh and victory of Ajabgarh. In this war, Bhangarh was destroyed and his people and princess Ratnavati also died and after that Bhangarh could never settle.

Puzzling occasions 

Today this post is ruined in a weather-beaten condition. In the event that individuals concur, from here comes the uproarious voices of somebody crying and yelling around evening time. Ordinarily, a

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