History of bhuli bhatiyari mahal

History of bhuli bhatiyari mahal

Bhuli bhatiyari mahal

Friends, you must have heard many stories and some of those stories are fictional, some true and today such a historical and ghostly story or horror story of a ghost castle of Yu Kahe that will make your soul tremble, so let’s tell the story Let’s go and start today’s ghostly and scary story.

Friends, this is the story of what animals think 100 times when animals go to a haunted place in Delhi. Friends, you must have seen many places in Delhi, even this forest, beach, etc. But you must not have seen such a ghostly place in Delhi, friends are talking about the forgotten Bhatiyari Mahal which is hidden in Delhi but only a lot of people will know about it and those who know it will have forgotten such scary places. Ko, Delhi Police stops to go to this place and she does not even allow to go. What is the secret of the forgotten Bhatiyari palace, today we tell you and what advice the historians have on this, they will also tell you?

Bhatiyari mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari Mahal which is in Karol Bagh, a crowded place in Delhi. At Karol Bagh, a road from Bagga Link departs towards the Veerana forest and from the same forest, you go to the forgotten Bhatiyari Mahal but it is forbidden to go, if you go here, you will also find a board saying that this place Scary and haunting.

You have been put on the board in front of the palace and it is written that “this palace is forbidden to go after sunset”, local people say that in this palace the spirit of a queen wanders, many people have seen here. Has and felt. Some people say that whatever has gone inside this palace has not returned. Many people here have felt the shadow of the spirits of paranormal activities and supernatural powers.

Sometimes you go, then the Delhi Police will not let you go and as soon as it is evening all the roads leading to this palace are closed.

History of this mahal

A lot of stories are known about Bhuli Bhatiar Mahal – the first story is related to the Tugela dynasty. People say that the name of Bhukhi Bhatiyar Mahal is associated with or named Rakha – the name of Saint Bal – Ali – Bakthiyari of the Mughal dynasty. This is what the common people turned around and started saying Bhuti Bhatiyari. Some people even say that a girl belonging to Bhatirin caste from Rajasthan had lost her way. Since then people started to know it by this name

To this, people around it also say that a king of the Tughlaq dynasty loved his queen very much. Here, those kings often came to hunt. But one day the king saw his queen having sex with someone else. After this, the king strangled his queen to death and left her soul to wander in this palace for life. It is said that the soul of that queen wanders in this palace. And even today, he keeps looking for his killer king in the palace to die and wanders here and whoever goes to that palace kills him.

Bhuli Bhatiyari palace

Historians say that the Bhuli Bhatiyari palace was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. They used it for debauchery. According to historians, it was named after the maid who lived in this palace. But some people say that the name of this palace was the name of the king’s step girl, on which the king used to torture and play with her body, people say that even today the voice of that girl comes from this palace. Who says “What are you doing, leave me. It hurts so much I miss you”

Now this story is so right and how wrong it is not known to anyone, but whatever it is, this place is cursed because in 1935 an Englishman went to make a debacle with some girls and what happened that day. Go, that Englishman died that day but some girls escaped and she says that as soon as that Englishman went to do wrong with those girls that suddenly a Who says “What are you doing, leave me. It hurts so much I miss you”. Why are you doing this? On hearing this voice, the British stepped forward that suddenly his head disappeared. As if someone had separated his head from his body with a sharp-edged weapon, and in this way, all his organs were separated from the body.

Even today people who go there after sunset never come back. If you also want to go then you can go, but after stopping, if you stop then your life can also be lost.

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