Our Smart Cabbage Love

Our Smart Cabbage Love

By Looking4Love

A Love Song For Charlie

This one’s for you Professor Peter Pettigrew!

My love for you is like the most smart cabbage,
Your face reminds me of warty flamingos,
Together, we are like pizza and brown sauce.

Oh darling Charlie,
My smart cabbage,
My warty potato,
The perfect companion to my pizza soul.

Roses are red,
Kingfishers are blue,
I like getting presents,
But not as much as I love smooching with you!

Oh darling Charlie,
Your arms are like remarkable maps on a autumn day,
You’re like the most clean teacher to ever walk my space rocket.

ur warty flamingo face,
Yur brown sauce soul,
ur remarkable arms,
Yr clean teacher being…

How could I look at another when our smart cabbage love is so strong?

I love you Professor Peter Pettigrew!

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