This one’s for you Miss Smith!

This one’s for you Miss Smith!

My love for you is like the most porky carrot,
Your face reminds me of terrific lions,
Together, we are like pizza and mayonnaise.

Oh darling Maddie,
My porky carrot,
My terrific potato,
The perfect companion to my pizza soul.

Roses are red,
Oceans are blue,
I like pointy cucumbers,
But not as much as I love sailing with you!

Oh darling Maddie,
Your nipples are like terrific birds on a winter day,
You’re like the most brave plumber to ever walk The High Street.

ur terrific lion face,
Your mayonnaise soul,
Your terrific nipples,
ur brave plumber being…

How could I look at another when our porky carrot love is so strong?

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